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Florida, USA Corp. DOC#: L14000103668

Realty Corp Lic. CQ1046811

Realty Broker Lic. BK3303962

IRS Tax ID#: 47-1229003

Proud sponsors of:

  • LSC Indoor Soccer Camp 2022

  • Jax Beach Youth Baseball 2021-22

  • Jax Beach Youth Baseball 2019-20

  • Keystone Youth Soccer 2018-19


Our Duties:


In addition to being pledged Realtors®, our company aligns with Laws of the State of Florida (e.g., Florida, USA, Law 475.278):


  1. Dealing honestly and fairly

  2. Accounting for all funds

  3. Using skill, care, and diligence in the transaction

  4. Disclosing all known facts that materially affect the value of property 

  5. Presenting all offers and counteroffers in a timely manner

  6. Preventing disclosure of information on planned action or motivations between parties

  7. Any additional duties that are mutually agreed


Modus Operandi

Whether you're an new / seasoned investor or home buyer, investment real estate is our forte. As a brokerage founded by a proven investor: 


It is important that our clients succeed.

Our Realtor® service is a state-licensed, registered, and insured real estate business able to assist throughout Florida, USA. We are regulated by the laws of the State of Florida and applicable Federal laws. All real estate transactions and handling of purchasing funds are done in strict accordance with applicable law, and funds are held only in bank accounts designated for use with party-to-party real estate transactions.


All purchase transactions occur through a licensed title transfer company with an appointed attorney to manage all documentation and legal transfer of ownership from seller to buyer.

Our Realtor® team offers you hands-on access investing in Jacksonville, Florida, USA. We handle all client investments as if they were our own—with careful attention to detail at every step in the process: from scoping to purchasing to renting and managing and reselling property. The first step is to determine your investment strategy and scope

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